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Looking for a home loan?

We assess your particular circumstances and recommend the loans that make the most sense.  This is based on the lenders loan structure, interest rate, fees and history of service.

Looking to refinance your existing loan?

Loan rates are a constantly moving feast. Do you know your current rate? Are you getting the best rate you can? Let us check out your current loan (free of charge). The savings can be considerable.

Do you want to consolidate your loans?

Borrowing can get out of hand really easily. If you have good equity in your property we can re-organise your credit cards, personal loans, car loans etc into one cash-flow-efficient loan at a much lower interest rate.

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  • A client of mine was short term self-employed and wanted a home loan to buy a house for himself and his family.  When he first contacted me it was obvious that he was short on for a deposit and even more short on for a self-employed history.

Mortgage Broker - Mooroolbark

John Cosby is the principal at Hotline Homeloans and is committed to providing you with personalised service.

John is passionate about making the borrowing process easy by working with you to find the best loan for your circumstances and sorting out any issues that arise.

He can assist in buying your first property (or your 7th), refinance an existing home loan or help consolidate credit cards and personal loans that are looking increasingly "pear shaped".

John Cosby is a credit representative 387200 of BLSSA Pty Ltd
ACN 117 651 760 (Australian Licence 391237)

John Cosby Dip. FS(MB)

John Cosby Dip. FS(MB)

PO Box 398

tel: 03 9726 6822          
fax: 03 9726 6872
mob:  0419 307 242

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