Consolidate Your Loans

Consolidate Your Loans

Do you have too many loans?

Sometimes, borrowings can get out of hand.  If you have a number of high interest loans such as credit cards and personal loans, along with your home loan, consider rolling these into one loan with a lower overall interest rate.

Examples of recent loan consolidations we have arranged:

Problem 1 - not enough income to cover outgoings

Applicants had three (3) home loans, a car loan & a maxed out credit card. Total $228,000.


Got them $250,000 at a much cheaper rate with the extra money going to a long overdue holiday and a “buffer” amount to cater for future emergencies.

Problem 2 - cash flow very tight

Applicant had three (3) home loans, a timeshare loan and a loan from her parents. Total $279,000.


Got her $295,000 at a much better rate with the difference going towards upgrading her motor vehicle.

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