All Lenders are not Equal

All Lenders are not Equal

All lenders are not equal and neither are borrowers.  Finding the right lender for you is our specialty at Hotline Homeloans.  We assess your particular circumstances and recommend the loan that saves you money and gives you peace of mind. 

Examples of recent home purchase clients:

Planning for a Home Loan

This applicant was referred to Hotline Home Loans and he was not ready to buy a house but wanted to know how much he needed to save, how much he could borrow and who should he borrow from.  I gave him my opinion and encouraged him to stay in contact as his savings & income made progress.

This applicant “stuck like glue”, contacted me numerous times and 10 months later bought a house….it’s good when clients “follow orders”.

His application for finance flowed very smoothly because of the preparatory work we had done.

One evening shortly after settlement I got an SMS from him “I am sitting here having a sandwich and a beer in my new home and just wanted to say thankyou for all your hard work”

Messages like this are why we do this work.  We are happy to help you too – Call us on 0423 836 171

Low deposit and Lenders Mortgage Insurance needed

This was the applicant’s first property. She paid $309,000 and needed to borrow $268,830 (87%) She had saved well and had a long term job in retail.

Because the loan needed to be over 80% a Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) premium needed to be paid.

What the applicant didn’t know is that there are differences between lenders and there is one lender whose LMI premiums are vastly cheaper than the others, if you qualify.

She qualified - and in the process saved $1,260!

If you have a low deposit and need Lenders Mortgage Insurance, call us now to discuss your options - 0423 836 171

Not happy with your Current Loan Application Process?

This applicant was referred to me after being continually “messed around” by a well known lender and was getting increasingly desperate.

After discussion, we decided it would be better not to buy the property and, instead, find another one. This took the stress out of the situation and gave us the opportunity to use a more service orientated lender.

Shortly afterwards he found a new (much better) property and the finance was approved without a hitch.

He is now a very happy man with a beautiful house complete with an amazing swimming pool.

Are you looking for a Mortgage Broker who will support you through the entire home loan process?

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Do you have issues with your Credit Rating?

This couple, along with their 4 children, were renting and wanted their own home together.

His first wife had died and had looked after the finances. She had set up a monthly debit involving the children’s education but this arrangement had gone pear shaped after she died. The monthly payment was unknowingly dishonoured and resulted in a $4,800 default on his Credit Reference Report. This led to their finance application being automatically rejected by a major lender…this was the first the applicants knew of the default! A friend of theirs knew of me and suggested they should call me to see if I could help.

We discussed it and I looked around for a solution.

The outcome was that I got them the finance they needed with an “outside the square” lender. The interest rate was higher than normal but there is no need for them to stay with that lender ongoing. After a couple of years I will refinance them to a lower interest rate with a new lender.

They are now in their new home in the Yarra Valley and have lots of room for the children to run around.

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